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Santiago Del Teide Bathrooms: 1 Surface: 91 m²


ACTIV CANARIAS PROPERTIES SL - invites you to familiarize yourself with the sales offer of a commercial premises in the port with an area of 81m2.

  • A commercial property in the front line of the Los Gigantes marina.
  • In the port, commercial premises are covered by the Government License, and more specifically, the license for this property lasts until 2055.
  • The property is being sold to a tenant who pays a gross monthly rent of EUR 1,850 and intends to remain in the premises while running his business.
  • This investment could bring you a profit of 1,266 Euros per month.
  • Reasonable Calculation: A value of EUR 238,000 over 34 years would be EUR 7,000 per year, or EUR 584 per month. Keeping the tenant with his monthly rent of 1,850 euros, the landlord has a profit of 1,266 euros per month.
  • Contact us for further clarification or information, we will be happy to help and show you the location of the premises on site.
  • Monthly municipal tax at the price of 143 euro for water.
  • Excluding the annual IBI (property tax).

Do not hesitate to visit the climate of the Canary Islands, invest in Spain and make your dreams come true.

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www.activcanariasproperties.com, www.tenerifeapartaments.com

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